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Tuesday 30th April, Siemens Building Technologies

Camberley, Surrey


Advances in technology in the Fire Safety Engineering industry, and separately, a discussion on Waste Management fires

Historically in our industry, the fire sector has always played second fiddle to such other sectors as Security, Home Automation and leisure use – think Smart devices, AI and the wonderful world of Apps. However, it is clear that we urgently need greater Tech to use in our Toolboxes and in doing so be a less reliance on historic standards to solve the problems we face; finally, the world of Fire Safety Engineering is finally now at the foremost of designers’ and engineers’ minds when it comes to advances in technology so it’s now that we should embrace these changes and make the most of them.

This one day / two subject seminar will highlight just some of the new tech that is now available and being showcased around the world in our industry and will pose the question… “What should we as Fire Safety professionals be accepting in 2019 and beyond in this regard when it comes to the opportunities presented to us to save lives in fire situations.”


Andy Cunningham – Lite4Life 

Andy will once again be challenging the delegates and presenting on:

  • Current emergency lighting systems and products on the market, the issues they present, and how new tech can make a significant difference to the industry.
  • Challenges, observations and critique on BS 5266-6:1999.
  • A brand-new industry accepted trialed and 3rd party approved product for low level emergency light and way-guidance systems.
  • A symbiotic connection between BS 5839-6 systems and some newly created innovations designed specifically to alert the residents and competent persons in high rise blocks of accommodation.

Andy’s involvement on the day will be in two parts – a morning presentation and an afternoon workshop each comprising of 60 mins.


Ray Hudson, Director of Vapour Flow 

Vertical spread of fire through high rise blocks’ fresh air flue from bathrooms. 

Ray will be presenting a brand-new invention designed to eradicate the spread of fire vertically through bathroom fresh air flues. A challenge not only to the FR&S but also escaping occupants. 

Fiona Critchley – GERDA 

Jason Hill, Ceng, FIFireE, MfireInv,, MengNZ, MSc, BSc (Hons) NIFSCC and IFE SIG IF&R Chairperson

Jason will be highlighting the need for more professionalism in the world of Fire Risk Assessments and will highlighting a brand new FRA App on the market that will decrease the risk to the client and increase the reliability of the report and findings through instructed and unchallenged 3rd party fire engineers. 

Baran Kormaz, Inventor and AR wizard

Inventor of the ground breaking Post Grenfell App for escaping occupants from High Rise blocks. Using augmented reality, Baran’s You Tube video went viral in minutes when this extremely clever young man literally re-invented the concepts of Direction Escape Signage being the only option available when escaping down stairs.

Baran’s other achievements are: The Author of Fire Engineering for the next century and holder of the Gold Certificate at the British invention Show for his iMAREC; Fire Evacuation Systems

Bonus presentation:

C-Thru by QWake

A live presentation by the creators of CThru on Smoke Diving helmets for Fire Fighters. 


This event is expected to be awarded 5 CPD hours from the IFE. Three course lunch is provided.

0900 registration Coffee etc for 0930 start

1300 lunch in the Restaurant

1600 finish


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